Mass die-off happening now: Close to 26,000 excess deaths recorded in England and Wales since April

Excess deaths in England and Wales are piling up. In the absence of a convincing explanation from health authorities, the British people are now beginning to realize that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is the culprit behind the spike in deaths – totaling 26,000 since April and exceeding the five-year national average.

According to the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), the figures are rising by over a thousand each week, raising the probability that the excess deaths would eventually overtake the confirmed deaths due to COVID-19.

Official figures also showed 94 percent of all COVID deaths since April have been among the boosted and quadruple vaccinated, proving mortality rates per 100,000 are highest among the vaccinated population in all age groups and further hinting that the vaccines could be the major factor in why so many people are dying. (Related: WHAT’S KILLING THEM? In the past 18 months, England and Wales report 65,000 excess deaths NOT related to coronavirus infections.)

The data revealed that England and Wales suffered 10,673 deaths in the week ending September 16, equating to a new high of 1,009 excess deaths compared to the United Kingdom’s five-year average. This number constitutes a 10.4 percent rise on the 2016-2019 + 2021 average.

Only 309 deaths were attributed to COVID that week, meaning it equates to only 30 percent of the excess deaths and just 2.8 percent of all deaths. This has been the trend for the past 22 weeks, raising the grand total to 25,952 since the week ending April 24.

The truth is, the actual number of excess deaths would be much higher had the deaths that occurred throughout 2021 been excluded from the five-year average.

It must also be noted that the only week where England and Wales did not register excess deaths was week 22. This can readily be explained as that time span covered the Jubilee Bank Holiday marking the late Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign.

On the other hand, week 19 ending May 15 was the worst with 2,208 excess deaths or twice the average casualties.

No official statement from government about non-COVID excess deaths

Up to now, there’s no official statement from the government as to why so many people are dying outside of the 11,791 deaths that have been linked to COVID-19 since April. Health institutions refused to conduct an investigation into the vaccines, which are experimental and have adverse effects that Big Pharma tried to hide.

Vaccines destroy the natural immune system and cause inflammation of the cardiovascular system, leaving those injected susceptible to viruses and diseases.

The U.K. government published a report related to the issue just hours before Boris Johnson announced his resignation as prime minister on July 7 and got little media exposure. It revealed that COVID deaths rose dramatically among the vaccinated in April and May, accounting for 94 percent. Shockingly, 90 percent of those deaths were among the triple/quadruple vaccinated. (Related: Excess deaths more prominent among those who took third and fourth covid shots.)

Young and healthy Britons, including top-level athletes, have also joined the list of excess deaths from all over the world.

Other than COVID, listed as probable causes of death are heart disease and delayed effects of the long lockdowns like depression, dementia, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Worried health experts like Dr. Charles Levinson, chief executive of the private general practice company Doctorcall, want the government to probe deeper into these excess deaths.

According to Levinson, the causes of these excess deaths are complicated and not fully understood by the medical professionals in the U.K., thus there’s an urgent need for a comprehensive government inquiry.

Up to now, however, no official investigation has been undertaken. It seems the British people, who have learned to live with COVID,  have also been left to deal with the vaccines themselves. And from what the Britons know now, these vaccines are not only harmful  – they are lethal as well.

The video below tackles the over 1,000 weekly excess deaths in the United Kingdom.

This video is from the Alex Hammer channel on

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