DEPOPULATION UNDERWAY: Fertility rate among American women drops to all-time low

The fertility rate among American women has hit an all-time low.

In May, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that the birth rate in the United States plummeted to 1.62 births per woman in 2023, far below the replacement-level fertility rate of 2.1 births per woman of childbearing age. This 1.62 births per woman in 2023 represents the lowest rate recorded since the government began tracking fertility data in the 1930s.

Jennifer Calfas and Anthony DeBarros of the Wall Street Journal attribute the declining fertility rate to several socio-economic factors.

In their article, Calfas and DeBarros claim that women postpone their plans to have children or fully opt out of becoming parents due to career prioritization, improved access to birth control and economic pressures such as housing costs, student loans and childcare expenses. This delay often results in women having fewer children due to declining fertility with age. (Related: Hospitals across the U.S. closing down MATERNITY WARDS due to staff shortages, low birth rates.)

COVID-19 vaccines contribute to the global downward birth rate trend

Leo Hohmann also wrote in his article for Blacklisted News about the potential impact of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations on fertility, given that similar downward trends are observed in other countries.

A recent extensive study, conducted by Dr. Robert W. Chandler, backed this claim and revealed the correlation between the COVID-19 vaccines and the shocking drop in birth rates in Europe, Australia and Asia. The study suggests that nine months after the COVID-19 mRNA injections have been rolled out, the number of children being born substantially dropped in 13 out of 19 European countries, England and Wales, Australia and Taiwan.

In Switzerland, the decline in births was the largest in 150 years. The study noted that the figures were more than during two world wars, the Great Depression and the advent of birth control. Also in Europe, Germany’s birth rate plummeted 8.3 percent through three quarters of 2022.

In England and Wales, there was a 12 percent drop through June 2022. Their government reportedly stopped publishing data related to this.

In Australia, the number of children being born fell 21 percent from October to November 2021, which was followed by a 63 percent decrease from November to December of the same year. The study also presented Taiwan’s report about the alarming drop in the birth rate.

However, conclusive evidence remains elusive and government or major philanthropic funding for such research remains limited. This, in turn, led to the conclusion of Hohmann that this lack of funding is part of a broader, covert agenda aimed at global depopulation.

“One thing you can count for certain, you won’t find any government funding or Gates or Rockefeller funding of such studies. They are all on board with the eugenics program to wipe out billions of people and get the global population down to 1 or 2 billion, from the current 8 billion,” Hohmann wrote.

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Watch this episode of “Light Listening” discussing the reasons behind the sharp decline in U.S. births.

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